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Last update: 20 April, 2016
P48 now exclusively used for long term General Aviation parking.
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Aircraft in storage on Tarmac P48 / Corrosion Corner
The following aircraft are currently in storage on the new Tarmac P48. It is located 200 meters right of "Point 2" on our Main Photo Points section, and all aircraft stored can be easily photographed from the perimeter road outside of the Airport.

Emirates (EK)
Has applied for permission to operate a second daily Dubai-Geneva flight as of June 2016. Schedules would be 1950-2145 (EK083/4) with Boeing 777-300ER equipment.

Iberia (IB)
Has upgraded a total of 36 flights to Airbus A330 equipment throughout January, February and March 2016 presumably due to increased demand. Occurences are displayed on our Expected Visitors page.

A LATAM Boeing 767-300 (PT-MSY) expected to wear the airline's brand new markings with additionnal "Rio 2016 official carrier" stickers will operate a special charter flight on Monday May 2nd to pick up the Olympic Torch in Geneva. The aircraft will arrive from Rio de Janeiro at 1050 as JJ9750 and depart the same evening at 2245 to Brasilia as JJ9751. Geneva airport is located 60km from the International Olympic Comittee headquarters in Lausanne. The Olympic flame will travel by late April from Greece to Geneva aboard a business jet.

Qatar Airways (QR)
Has requested permission to permanently upgrade its daily Doha-Geneva service to Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner equipment starting July 1st replacing Airbus A320. Schedules will be 1320-1800 (QR099/100).

Swiss (LX)
Starting February 8th 2016, Swiss will operate the flagship Boeing 777-300ER on numerous Zurich-Geneva-Zurich flights for crew training. The new aircraft will initially operate flight LX2802/7 (0820-1000) daily (except Saturdays) for two weeks, then three times a week for the following three weeks. Full schedule is available on our Expected Visitors page.
During the summer season, the Boeing 777-300ER will operate flight LX2802/7 daily until October 29th.

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