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Weekly  Aviation News and latest pictures from around the World   Justplanes

World Airlines Headline News Page   Skytrax

Airline News   AirlinerNews.com

Airline News   CH-Aviation

Airline News   AirlinersGallery.com


Basle-Mulhouse   World Air News

Berlin   Flying-Archive

Faro   Luis Rosa Website

Frankfurt   Rhein Main Aviation Society

Glasgow   SAAP - Scottish Airport Aircraft Photos

Graz   Spotterteam Graz

Maastricht   Roel and Bjorn v.d. Velpen

Milano Malpensa   Damiano Gualdoni's Aviation Enthusiasts Website

Munich   Aviation Friends Munich

Nagoya   Ichiro Kondo Website

Nagoya   NGO Japanese Spotter Site

Nantes   Nantes Atlantique Spotters

Ostende   Michel Vandaele Website

Palma de Mallorca   Toni Marimon Website

Paris   Prop and Jet - Philippe Chastagnol

Paris   Kerozen Association

Reykjavik   Baldur Sveinsson

Sao Paulo   Aviação Brasil

Stockholm   Svenska Flygbolag

Sydney   Sam Chui Website

Tokyo   Airplane Airplane Airplane

Venice   Aviaphotos - Venice Aircraft Enthusiasts

Vienna   Vienna Aviation Photography


World's biggest Pictures Library   Airliners.net

Aviation Images and News   AirPics.com

Pictures   PlanePictures

Pictures   JetPhotos

French Pictures Library   AirlinesGate

Pictures from Zurich and around the World   Aerpix.net

Pictures   Juan Rodriguez

Pictures   The PlaneSpotting Zone

Pictures from Africa   African Aviation Fotos (commercial website)

Pictures from around the World   Avimage (commercial website)

Pictures from around the World   Exavia (commercial website)

Aviationphotos.org  Edward van Altena, Ton Jochems, Hans Roest, Stéphane Walter

Pictures and various other Downloads   David Knies

Aircraft and Airports Videos   World Air Routes


Live Traffic from European Airports (A-K) and (L-Z)   Justplanes

Live Traffic from American Airports   Justplanes

Live Traffic from Airports ot the rest of the World   Justplanes


AeroTransport Data Bank   Alexandre Avrane

Airbus, Boeing, Convair and Douglas Production List   Peter Riool

Aircraft History and Airline Fleet   Airfleets

Corporate Jets of the World   LAAS

Propliners Construction Numbers   Prop and Jet - Philippe Chastagnol

Production Lists (A-M)   AirNet

Production Lists (N-Z)   AirNet

Production Lists   Planemad.net

Production Lists   rzjets.net

Production Lists   SC's Airliner Lists

Civil Aviation Database   Landings

Jetliner Database   JetPhotos.Net  (official takeover of Bill Harms database)

Military Aircraft Construction Number Database   Scramble

UK & Ireland Airline Fleets Listings   Jethro's


Aircraft Crashes Record Office   B.A.A.A - A.C.R.O.

Latest Accident News   Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre

Latest Accident Articles and 1945-2007 Database   Aviation Safety Network

News and Database   Plane Crash info.com

News and Movies to download   AirDisaster.com


Airbus Enthusiasts Website   Alpha India

ATR-42 / -72   ATR Official Press releases

Avroliners - BAe146   Smiliner

Boeing 747SP   Tommy Mogren

British Aerospace Bac 1-11   Peter Clark Home of the Bac 1-11

De Havilland Dash 7   Siegfried Lenz

Lockheed Constellation   Super Constellation Flyers Association

Lockheed Constellation   Connie Survivors

Lockheed TriStar   FlyTriStar - TriStar Information Center

McDonnell Douglas DC-8   Tony Gothard

Sud Aviation Caravelle   Keeping the Caravelle flying - The Caravelle Club


Skyland   Paul Lüscher (previously part of Jetstream Magazine)

Skyliner aviation news & more   Chris Witt


Airline Codes   The Airline Codes Web Site
Visitors at Geneva Airport
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Charter Flights
Geneva News
Main Photo Points
Live:  Arrivals  Departures
Accident News & Database
Weather Forecasts
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